Many serpentine barrens are open for recreational use by the public. Depending on location and season, hiking, horseback riding, and hunting may all be permitted. Use of motorized vehicles and collecting of minerals, plants, animals, etc. is generally forbidden.

State Line Barrens

  • Chrome Barrens: Upper Chrome is owned by Elk Township and managed by the Nature Conservancy. Parking is available off Barrens Road. Lower Chrome is owned by the Nature Conservancy. Parking along State Road is planned but does not yet exist.
  • Nottingham Barrens: Makes up Nottingham County Park, part of the Chester County park system. Parking, pavillions, and restrooms are available. An exercise trail exists near the parking lot and several miles of trail traverse the serpentine barrens.
  • Goat Hill Barrens: Owned by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry and forms part of William Penn State Forest. Parking is available off Red Pump Road.
  • Rock Springs Barrens: Owned by Lancaster Conservancy. Parking off Mason-Dixon Road is currently closed and the preserve is not accessible.

West Chester group

  • Unionville Barrens: part of the Ches-Len Preserve of Natural Lands. The parking lot along Cannery Road between Kelsall Road and the Lenfest Center is closest to the barrens.
  • Marshallton Barrens: a small remnant of the Marshallton Barrens is part of the Stroud Preserve of Natural Lands, lying in the northwestern part of the preserve.
  • Sugartown Barrens: a small but well-maintained remnant of the Sugartown Barrens is part of the Willisbrook Preserve of Natural Lands, lying behind the Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital.
  • Pink Hill: part of the Tyler Arboretum in Media, Pennsylvania. Extensive restoration underway to expand its size.
  • Mineral Hill: part of Middletown Township Memorial Park in Media, Pennsylvania. Serpentine flora has almost completely disappeared, but the remains of Crump's Quarry are visible.


  • Soldiers Delight: The Soldiers Delight Environmental Area is administered by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. It is a large and high-quality example of a serpentine barrens.
  • Bare Hills Barrens: Part of Lake Roland Park, in the Baltimore County parks system. A smaller barrens undergoing restoration.

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